non-Dutch speakers

We welcome members from non-Dutch backgrounds, and can provide scuba training in Dutch + English *)
DTE is a “vereniging”, a group of individuals that have scuba diving as shared interest. The social aspect of our club is as important as the training and scuba diving part!

  • Our trainers are well trained and experienced, but are all volunteers.
  • We provide scuba training and certification free of charge (included in club membership).
  • We hope that all members participate in social activities (scuba weekends, after-pool meeting) and give back to the club that way, or at some point by being active in a committee.
  • The majority of our members are Dutch.

*) To ensure high standards, our basic and advanced certifications take one winter + spring season to complete. For “quick” certification, commercial scuba schools will be more suitable.

If you’d like to join or have any questions, please contact us here.